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Please allow us to introduce our reseller programme. Our company manufactures industrial gas detecting systems. The our product SENS-EX type of fixed gas detecting systems with remote transmitters are designed to detect the concentration of explosive, poisonous gases and vapours furthermore the oxygen and carbon-dioxide in various places. The SENS-EX is also designed to control the ventilation, signalling and intervening equipment. In case of sensing the developing explosive or poisonous gases and vapours, the equipment - according to the concentration of the gas - has various signalling levels. Indicatory signals and voltage free relay contacts that are suitable for control the appropriate interventional units to prevent the possible accidents and catastrophe situations.

We would like to find distributors that will not only sell our products but will also provide servicing after putting the devices into operation.

We seek a partner who knows the gas detectors market, the applied areas and country's specifications, the tendencies and the potentional of the market and who is capable of appreciating the possibilities of selling SENS-EX type gas detecting system and its prospective operating costs.


  • Striated Discount
  • Sales, technical and marketing support
  • Modern , intelligent equipment
  • Reliable and qualitative sensors
  • According to standards, certified equipment: ATEX, ISO, CE
  • Long duration of use, economic operation
  • Fault an service signal for the sake of safety - opportunities for servicing


We look forward to hearing from you in case our letter aroused your interest in distribution our products in your country for details please write to e-mail address.

To be a distributor in other countries please contact us.
Yours faithfully, Company management